Friday, September 7, 2007

Charmed Twenty

Charm City 20-Miler. On Sunday I finally got my twenty-mile training run in at this race, a point-to-point run down a four-foot wide dirt Rails to Trails path through a forest which provided a canopy of foliage overhead to keep the runners in perpetual shade. Sound nice? Early in the morning a bus dropped us off near Maryland Line, MD and our cars were 20 miles away. There was no way to get back except to hoof it. No turning back on my obligatory twenty-miler before my marathon now.
Here are my splits with total time and average pace as the race progressed in five-mile increments in parentheses.

Mile One 11:19 (uh, 3-minute equipment stop) Two 8:11 Three 8:23 Four 8:28 Five 8:52 (45:14-9:03 pace)

Mile Six 7:54 Seven 8:49 Eight 8:38 Nine 8:58 Ten 8:54 (1:28:30-8:51 pace)

Mile Eleven 8:49 Twelve 9:31 (walking water break) Thirteen 8:41 Fourteen 8:46 Fifteen 8:57 (2:13:16-8:53 pace)

Mile Sixteen 9:00 Seventeen 8:56 Eighteen 9:32 (walking water break) Nineteen 9:20 Twenty 9:03 (2:59:10-8:57.5 final pace).

Result. I got my twenty in. I PRed. I broke 3 hours. I took second in my age group. It was a good run.

Race notes. The last mile is uphill on a country highway. I knew it was coming and I started thinking about it as early as MP 15. I was able to handle it by running steadily up it. My worst mile was nineteen when I was getting really tired. But I revived the last mile by being motivated to break three hours. The local running club has quite a resource in this trail and they stage wonderful races on it.

Thanks! I want to thank my friend Ashley for her generous contribution to the charitable cause I am running Chicago for. She also is getting ready to run a fall marathon for charity. Go help her out, she's a terrific person and a good runner.


Susan said...

Excellent report (as are all your posts!)

Congrats on the PR and the award. That is super cool.

20 is my anti-magic number, i.e. 22 is fine, 18 is fine, but I detest 20, somehow. So I have the utmost resepct for your results!

You are one speedy man.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Yay for PRs! And placing!

Mia said...

You the man.

jeanne said...

some good times!

Dori said...

Congratulations on your PR! And taking second place in you AG! Do you get a trophy? Looks like you learned from your experience of two years ago. I've been thinking about signing up for the Big Sur Marathon but debating whether I should do the 21 mile race that day instead. It's still a long way to run...

Just12Finish said...

Congrats on the PR!

Sempre Libera said...

Congrats on the PR and the place! You ran a very even race, nice job.

CewTwo said...

Congratulations on the PR. Congratulations on the award.

Very consistent times.

You DID not let that hill defeat you!

I thought it might have been a little ominous description on the buses leaving you off and only one way to get back...

But I like it!

nylisa said...

20 miles, that's quite a run!

Thanks for putting it into perspective. You're right about it. Even a few months ago, I wouldn't have been able to say something like that. I feel so much better now!