Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's over, for now.

Mission Accomplished. Major running is over. For now.

Nine runners, myself included, ran the Capitol Hill Classic 10K on May 18th in a winnowing down process that started with thirty-one running wannabees showing up early one raw Saturday morning in February atop the parking garage at the West Falls Church Metro Station three months earlier for the start of the DCRRC 10K Group Training Program. Although we all took the elevator down to the ground level to begin our two mile run that day, some of us ran up the structure's six ramps upon our return.

We originally had seven volunteer coaches, but one acquired a stress fracture beforehand, another tore her ACL in a skiing accident and one developed IT Band problems. So we imported a volunteer coach from the Reebok SunTrust National Half-Marathon Training Program I was associated with after that Program ended in March, along with three runners who wanted to keep up their training.

Our running venues included the W&OD, Mount Vernon, Custis and Capital Crescent Trails, the C&O Canal Towpath, the National Mall and the race course itself. The last few weeks it seemed like the coaches would be fighting over who would accompany the few runners who showed up but order always prevailed. Quiet, unassuming Mary Alice, who is about my age, always showed up and she threw down a sub-hour performance on the hilly race course and kicked the rest of the students' a**es, finishing second in her age group.

Our times ranged from 47 to 75 minutes. Three were under an hour and six met the qualifying standards for the SunTrust National Marathon and Half-Marathon next year. This third-year marathon is an interesting race, it has the second best average finishing time (behind Boston) of any major American marathon, undoubtedly because of its qualifying standards.

Additionally, two more Program participants who didn't run the CHC broke two hours at the SunTrust National Half-Marathon. Congratulations to the performers, and thanks to the volunteer coaches Kristin, John, Renee, Linda, Bob, Sasha, Alexandra and David.

Pretty good. As for me, the Memorial Day weekend was the first Saturday I had off since early December when the overlapping Half-Marathon Program started. It was a long six months but the results of the two programs showed that it was well worth the effort. Next up: The fun of running the Lake Tahoe Relay in less than two weeks on a team put together by my former running buddy Bex, an MIA blogger, and then the start of the club's 10-Mile Group Training Program on July 12th. (Above: Relaxing after the Falls Church Memorial Day 3K Fun Run during my first free weekend in half a year.)


Danielle in Iowa said...

The qualifying concept is quite interesting for that race, considering that those times aren't exactly lightning speed!

jeanne said...

nice work peter! you have been working like a maniac, sometimes two programs at once. look at all the people you helped accomplish their goals.

one day i'll return to a dcrr program, i hope!

brendaj said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm originally from the DC area but never did any races out there, so it's fun to hear about yours.

DawnB said...

You did the group well peter congratulations

akshaye said...

Well worth the effort - you did a great job!

CewTwo said...

That is what impresses me about you, as well. You are a giver. I appreciate what you do for the people that share your interests and ambitions. You make it work!

Thanks, Peter!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wonderful that you were able to be a part of so many people's running. If I could only find a group of folks who were interested in running marathons often and doing tris, I'd be set ;-)

Look forward to hearing about that Tahoe Relay!

Jade Lady said...

Great job! Hey, 9 folks - that's great! It's so hard to stick with something for that long - I'm amazed that you had this many left!