Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Billy Goat Trail

Recovering from my last marathon a week ago has been interesting--on Tuesday I tried to run a mile but found it hurt too much and I quit after a block. Wednesday I limped home for a solitary mile in 9:47, slower than my average pace during the marathon. Thursday it got better and I did the same mile in 8:40, Friday 8:07, Saturday 8:04 and then on Sunday I broke through and ran my neighborhood mile in 7:40. All better, or so I thought.

There's a nice 1.7 mile hike in the area off the C&O Canal called the Billy Goat Trail that I do every year. It's short but challenging, with large areas over boulder fields where you have to climb up and down three foot tall rocks continuously. It is along the Potomac, and has several panoramic views of the river at overlook points that are, in effect, sheer drop-offs along the sides of cliffs. (Right: The Potomac River as seen from the Billy Goat Trail in MD.)

Scrambling over all of those rock faces on Sunday afternoon reawakened the fire in my trashed quads that the marathon had left me with. On Monday morning my legs felt all beat up again. They feel better today but I hope they get refreshed in a hurry because I have a 3-mile race coming up with a team from work tomorrow morning in SE. I am feeling so not ready for the challenge of a short, sharp race. (Left: Another overlook of the river.)


Just_because_today said...

it wouldn't be so bad if you didn't race it...afterall, a marathon deserves a few days of rest.

DawnB said...

didn't know you ran a marathon only a few days ago, congratulations by the time the race comes aroung you'll be fine. I wouldn't be surprise if you don't PR. :)

Sunshine said...

Delightful pictures in this blog!
.. A new perspective for me.
Congratulations on your
BOSTON! Good job .. Good time.
Have read with much interest your last few entries (FBI, CIA, etc)

I read Charlie's blog.. pictures of his dear Molly.. Now there seems to be no way to send empathy.

Keep up the variety of DC reports.