Monday, September 7, 2009

Yo Dan.

No, my son didn’t come to lunch this noon hour. Too bad.

I'm less than four years younger now than my Dad was when he died. I saw him as often as I could when he was terminally ill, and I wrote to him every single day the last six months of his life.

One day it just all of a sudden becomes too late.

So, Dan Lamberton, why don’t you call me sometime this month on my cell phone and we can arrange to have lunch someplace on Columbus Day. I’m buyin’.

You can tell me how things are at that university you attend for which I have provided the full tuition and fees for all four years. Now that you’re an adult, though, you should consider that some persons might wonder what principles you have (or lack) that allow you to accept all of that without thanks or even acknowledgement from someone you apparently despise.

I'm just sayin'.


Kelly said...


If you are paying tuition, maybe you should show up for parents day/weekend at the university?

Just_because_today said...

Kelly is right, why not try to find him at the university and...Peter, I know you are angry and you have every right to be but when you see your son, open your arms and hug him. Forget who pays the tuition

DawnB said...

Keep trying Peter, I know you will never give up.