Sunday, April 8, 2012

W&OD 5K 2012.

Sunday March 26th was the running of the W&OD Trail 5K. Not too long ago I could burn off a 23 minute 5K.

But then I got injured plus I got old (60 in less than a week). Last year I ran the race in 29:12 and was ecstatic that I didn't break 30 minutes (I have never run a 5K in over thirty minutes).

This year I jogged down to the start line from my house with 5 minutes to go (the race runs by my house twice) and set off down the trail when the gun went off. The course is flat and I passed the first mile in 8:50.

Fatigue then set in and the second mile rolled by in 18:10. I persevered however and finished in 27:54 (8:59) and felt good about my progress at age 59, almost 60.

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Dori said...

Congratulations on beating that 5K! And happy birthday! Growing old is not for wimps and we're doing our best to age well. I'm only a year behind you.