Sunday, March 24, 2013

Six Hilly Miles

John texted me early yesterday that he couldn't come on our 6-mile run on the W&OD Trail so I ran the six hilly miles, mostly on the Custis Trail, with a workmate and her cousin, both trying to get ready for long hilly races.  Both were fun to run with, smart and interesting to talk to.  It was a pleasurasble run.

The conversation with my office mate centered on deposition conduct (we're both lawyers) and with her cousin, Obamacare (she's in a thinktank trying to implement it).  I told them that since they both went to University of Chicago I shouldn't even be talking with them they're both so brainy.  But since I can run faster than either of them I was drawing them along on the trail and they both humored my liberal tendencies.

Up and down the long steep rollers on the Custis Trail we went while I talked to one and then the other, depending on how out of breath each one was.  When they were laboring on the uphills, I told them cop stories from my old State Patrol days in Colorado.  The sixty minutes went by easily enough, at least for me.

This is what I love about running, that early in the morning on Saturday you've done a significant workout and enjoyed it, and the full weekend is still stretching out in front of you,  I had a 5K race coming up the next day, my first race since Thanksgiving, and I felt good about its imminence.  After a post-run cup of coffee, which H and A bought for me, we each went off to our appointed weekend rounds.

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