Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Have A Nice Corporate Life, SunTrust Bank!

Remember when banks and S&Ls were your friends? When as a child you brought in a quarter a week for deposit into your Christmas club account and the tellers smiled and acted like they were glad to see you?

I went into a SunTrust branch near Union Station last week to buy some loose dollar coins for use in parking meters. They said they had unrolled dollar coins in their change drawer alright, did I have a SunTrust account?

"No."  Smiling broadly, the teller said she couldn't (wouldn't) help me.  Would I like to open an account?

I merely commented that I hoped CapitalOne branches treated SunTrust account holders the same way.  Smiling as broadly as the teller, a man in a suit seated at a nearby desk wished me a nice day as I headed for the door.

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A Plain Observer said...

the same happened to me one day when I asked for change for a $10 bill. "do you have an account?" No, I do not. Sorry, we cannot help you.
After I stormed out of there angry I gave that a little thought. Although I believe they can help one person, they probably dont want to set a prescedent and become a coin dispenser.