Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas tree run

Every year I take a group from work out on a run to see the Christmas lights.  In years past we have gone out at 6 pm when it is more colorful because the lights are shining.
There are other things to see on this run too.  This year we saw a moose, but I kept my companions safe by keeping it at bay.
This year time became short so we went out at noon, two days in a row because some people couldn't make it the first day.  Even though the lights weren't shining, each Christmas tree around the Mall has a story.
The tree with the best story is at the DC Peace Officer Memorial.  Its ornaments are pictures of fallen area officers.

The National tree seemed small this year, in comparison with other years.  Inside the little fence, electric trains were running around and a little girl standing wistfully at the fence asked her Mom, "Can I go in there and play with the trains?" which cracked me up.
We went by a harp player who was singing beautiful Chritsmas carols.  How cool is that?
I like the tree at the Capitol the best.  The tree inside the Botanical Gardens is nice too, plus they had a chorus in there.

Every year we end at the tree at Union Station.  It used to be inside but a few years back they moved it outside.

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