Monday, October 13, 2014

Running Buddies

Running buddies make running, and running is life, although sometimes life intrudes.  Bex, Lia, Ashley, David, Markus, John and the rest, all of my my running buddies, I love 'em all.  (Markus.)

I remember the minus-degrees 20-mile run with Bex in February 2007 which led to her sub-four hour marathon in April, and the plus-90 degrees 11-mile run with Lia in August 2014 which led to her, and my own, sub-two hour HM in September.  I treasure those runs absolutely, always, as they are enshrined in my memories.  (Bex.)

I remember Ashley finding me at MP 23 in the 2007 Chicago Marathon and bringing me home to the finish line before the officials closed the course due to the 90-degree high-humidity heat coupled with the fact that they had run out of water on the course.  I remember chasing David, a better runner than me, to finer times than I would have otherwise achieved in races as disparate as the 2006 Rileys Rumble HM and the 2007 Cherry Blossom 10-Miler.  (Ashley brought me home during the impossible, and infamous, 2007 Chicago Marathon.)

Run on, running is life, although life sometimes intrudes.  Running buddies, however, are forever and I love all of my running buddies.  (Lia.)

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