Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year In Review IV

Here are some of my favorite times from 2014.  I had some nice noontime wintertime runs on the Mall.

I took third in my AG in a wintery 5K.

I ran with some former running buddies, including Bex, my first buddy, and David, Markus, John and others.

I had some great solo runs, especially around the Tidal Basin, my favorite running venue.

Wreathed in Cherry Blossom blooms.

Some fast-moving terrific storms closed in a hurry, which made it imperative to keep an eye upward..

I attended my niece's wedding in Portland, OR, in July and had two great early morning runs throughout that town in two days and saw several family members I hadn't seen in awhile including my brother and two of my sisters, including the mother of the bride, the sister on the right.

I had some nice noontime summertime runs on the Waterfront.

I heard some secrets. secrets.

I ran my longest race in half a decade, a HM, and broke two hours.

An anonymous poster on this blog led me to my first solid information of any child of mine in over seven years (in this case my oldest, James Bradley Rogers, now in his late twenties).

I spent a quiet holiday season in the District, doing the annual Holiday Decorations run at work.

The sky over the nation's capital.

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Sunshine said...

Appreciated your year of pictures!
I continue to join you in prayers for your sons.
And otherwise your life seems SO GOOD...
In August we nearly lost Don to pneumonia for a second time in 2014 and we seriously embarked on radical downsizing.After 36 years the 3 of us are trying to fit into a townhouse.
Congratulations on your HM and best wishes for your running....