Thursday, October 13, 2016

Third Week of September

Last month I was coming back from abdominal surgery but as I came back from the down time, I tried not to lose too much of my conditioning from the prior month where I'd worked hard to get into shape in the first place.  The third week of September I ran five times and logged 26 miles.  (A warm day.)

None of those miles were very fast.  The left side of my navel was bothering me, there was a long surgical scar down there.  (I couldn't do my torso workout so soon after my hernia surgeries.)

The scar is atop another surgical scar I have from 1985 when I underwent abdominal surgery there to try to increase my chances of reproduction.  That was for you, Jimmy, oldest son.  (Jimmy is in the middle, in less conflicted times before the divorce during which his mother Sharon R. Lightbourne, made him a victim of PAS, which I believe is a form of child abuse.)

My long run, or shuffle, was seven miles.  I kept trying to increase my turnover (pace) to improve my workout load but I was happy to log the miles as I fight to come back to full health.  (At the Beltway overpass on the fifth mile of my LSD.)

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