Monday, March 31, 2008


The DCRRC Board election was held last night, Soviet style, and an unopposed slate of board candidates was presented to the assembled members of the club who were present to vote on. No nay votes were heard. So now I am the club VP of training. Yay, I think.

I also had the opportunity to say these words at the banquet last night.

I am pleased and flattered to receive a portion of the 2007 Justine Peet Outstanding Volunteer Award. Looking at the superlative and tireless work of the co-recipient, Karol Murray, and knowing of the endless and continuing list of good works of recipients from years past that I personally know, such as Kristin Blanchat and Matt Pyle, among others, I am honored indeed to be included in such company. In a sense, I am receiving this award as a representative of all the selfless volunteer work done by persons within the club too innumerable to name. For this reason, I shall always value it highly. Thank you.


Susan said...

Double congratulations, Peter!

Rainmaker said...

Congrats on the award! You do a lot of hard work with that group!

jeanne said...

CONGRATS! you deserve all of it! And what a heartfelt speech too. If I'd known all that was going to go on, I might have shown up!!!

Well done.

Just12Finish said...

Well, thank YOU, and good luck veep!

Jade Lady said...

Ditto on the double congrats!