Friday, March 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tonight I'm going to a pre-race dinner at 6:30 pm at Bertucci's in Dupont Circle to a fete with the dedicated survivors of the Reebok SunTrust National Half-Marathon Training Program. Stop by and join us!

Tomorrow at 7 am I have a two-hour tour of the city planned. I am going on a little jaunt down the Mall from RFK past the White House, and then making a right turn to run by Fleet Feet (the first shop of that west coast franchise on the east coast) in Adams Morgan. I'm going to then sample some rolling hills as I run past the little-known McMillan Reservoir, and then I'll make another right turn and run down straight and true North Capitol Street back towards RFK. Woo-hoo!

In the late afternoon I'm going to the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville to watch PBR. Don't know what PBR is? It's the young Professional Bull Riding Association and they are bringing their event to Charlottesville for the first time. I am going to watch hardy young men try to use only one hand to stay on horned, one-ton bucking behemoths for eight seconds, and then try to get off same. My second cousin is riding the bulls tomorrow. That's him in the picture, and his Mom (my cousin) is the woman in the stands, to the right. Here's a preview. Yeehah!

Sunday I plan to do my taxes. Woot!

Sunday night at 5 pm I'am going to attend the DC Road Runners Annual Board Elections and Banquet at Maggiano's in Friendship Heights. I am on the ballot for VP of Training, a newly-created position. Stop by and vote for me!

Then it's back to work, thankfully!


jeanne said...

well, at least i'll get to see mcmillan reservoir, which i don't believe i've ever seen. I'm glad you framed it this way--as a little tour of the city--because otherwise? I'd be freaking out right now.

Have fun with all your events, and you'd better win that VP spot. Then you and the prez can get to be really good pals!

Break a leg tomorrow. Or something.

Jade Lady said...

Wow, so much going on in your life! Have a great race tomorrow. I wish I could join u!

As for riding bulls, your nephew is a brave soul - Enjoy your trip to Charlottesville.

Wishing you luck on the elections! I'm not sure that I can vote for u? I didn't see a place to vote on the site.

Rainmaker said...

Good luck tomorrow - and enjoy the race!

Just12Finish said...

Good luck with the voting. Remember to woo some super delegates!