Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grand Canyon, Day One of eight.

Summer 2008 Grand Canyon Trip, Day 1. At Lee's Ferry, MP 0. Two boats, four boatmen, 28 greenhorns. We were all so nervous. Were we worthy? (Photo credit Dennis.)

The Highway Bridge a few miles downriver. The Canyon goes more than 240 miles to the west before you can cross it again by car. Of course with gas at $4.00 a gallon, suddenly we don't think like that anymore. Thanks, W, for war AND high prices! (Photo credit Dennis.)

Here's some perspective for ya. See the little figures to the right near the bottom? We're going to hike in Ryder Canyon. (Photo credit Barry.)

The hike on day one seemed a little challenging to me. Travis gave it a 5 on a scale of ten. (Photo credit Dennis.)

Rapids, day one. I thought sure, you could drown in those rough waters. The rapids got a lot worse. (Photo credit Barry.)


Anne said...

I like the first tag -- emotional experience. It kinda is for those of us admiring those beautiful photos too.

Sunshine said...

Fun to see shared photos! Appreciate so many aspects of a trip most folks will not have the opportunity to experience. (Including me.)
Always delighting in your little comments about the irresponsible, outrageous, outlaw executive branch.

jeanne said...

great photos! but i'm thinking you actually CAN drown in those rapids!