Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grand Canyon, Day Three

Grand Canyon, Day 3.

My friends shot lots of pictures of us rafting for eight days through the Grand Canyon. I have located those of Barry, Dennis and Harrie. I intend to post some of those incredible photos here. Four more days yet to come.

No, it's not Thelma & Louise. It's B and H. Did you have your coffee this morning with that backdrop? Photo credit Dennis.

We had a challenging hike to start off Day 3. Photo credit Barry.

The Utah company's boat went through the same rough water that we did. Photo credit Harrie.

Dennis merely labelled this photo "Wow." When that man speaks, I listen. Photo credit Dennis.

Approaching Day 3's campsite. This would be the last night on the river for two in our group of 32. Photo credit Barry.


Rainmaker said...

I think we can all just imagine the XXXXXXXX photos like ink blobs. I see long swirling rivers.

SCMorgan said...

What an amazing trip you are having! I am so far behind in my reading and blogging, but thanks for checking in. David T is keeping me running, as usual :)

jeanne said...

i sure WISH i was having my morning coffee with that backdrop!

Sunshine said...

Appreciating each "day" of pictures. What an amazing trip you had ... to an amazing location!