Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Grand Canyon, Day Eight of eight.

The Grand Canyon trip is over. Eight days in THE natural wonder of the world, with friends from 35 years ago. Incredible experiences. I am a terrible picture-snapper. So I have given you eight posts of photos snapped by my friends, much better picture-takers than me. If you don't take your own trip down the Canyon, shame on you! My freshman college roommate Jimmy (he's the one acting like a sumo wrestler in the photo below) was the glue that held the Sewell Hall Rafters together. He bridged all the differences. He said wisely at the onset, "Everyone is the same, only more so." Brilliant. In the photo below, I can see every person's personality shine forth for the camera--it's uncanny--but maybe you hadda be there and get to know these folks. Trip of a lifetime? Oh yeah. The company is the Arizona River Runners. The American heroes are Travis, Lindsay, Julie and Kelly, in the second picture below.

Photo credit Dennis.

Scotty, beam us up! Photo credit Jimmy.

Barry. Photo credit Jimmy.

Giving Birth. Photo credit Dennis.

Lake Mead. Photo credit John.

Thanks, Travis, Lindsay & Julie. Any one of you could share a foxhole with me. Photo credit Barry.


Danielle in Iowa said...

I am always the one in groups that forgets to take pictures. So I always have to mooch off other people :-)

Susan said...

This entire photo series (and tale) have been amazing, Peter!

Sunshine said...

Thank you thank you thank you.

Question about cameras used: Did everyone use point and shoot digitals? Or were some of those shots taken with an SLR camera?
I wish I had a digital SLR.. and then I rationalize that I couldn't possibly carry it when I run. (Besides, which, those are pricey.)

ShirleyPerly said...

Thanks again for posting all these wonderful photos! I hope I do have a chance to do something similar. Maybe on my own someday as my husband thinks a 2-star hotel is camping.