Saturday, August 2, 2008

Grand Canyon, Day Five

On Day Five in the Grand Canyon, our party was down to thirty due to the tragic emergency that happened on the fourth evening. We would spend the fifth day on a long ride down the Colorado River to a campsite where we could get to a commercial helicopter landing pad the next morning by 8:30. There eight more passengers would leave. We would finish the eight-day trip with eighteen passengers plus four boatmen on the two rafts.

Travis reads a somber pre-launch invocation. Look at that sky. Photo credit Harrie.

Lindsay lets a waterfall cascade over her. Photo credit Dennis.

Harrie. In his late 50s with two hip replacements, he did everything us much younger folks did. Photo credit Barry.

Where magma once flowed into the Grand Canyon. Photo credit Barry.

Pondering the inexorable nature of life. Photo credit Dennis.


Anne said...

As usual, beautiful backdrops to the drama we read about earlier. Your friends have quite the photo eye.

DawnB said...

you have the bestest adventures thanks for sharing