Sunday, July 19, 2009

He showed up all sweaty.

"We were talking about you this morning, me and a couple of office mates on our drive to Costco to get supplies for today's going away party for the summer intern."

"Nothing but good things, I'm sure."

"Interesting things. They were asking me, ' Did he run all the way from the agency here in the District to the office picnic in that park in Virginia last month? He showed up all sweaty.'"

"I didn't run there from here, that would have been ten miles. I took Metro to Ballston and ran from there, only two miles. As you know, there's no way to get there directly unless you drive. Besides, I designated that as the weekly noontime office run, but nobody else came along. Then I ran home after the picnic, because I live just down the W&OD Trail three miles from there."

"Yes, very unusual. Everyone else was able to find a ride."

"Who'd you go to Costco with? They saw it as a good thing that I got in my exercise before I ate a hamburger, a hot dog and all that cake and cookies, right?"

"I'm not telling."

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Sunshine said...

Running can be such a logical means of transportation?!!

This wonderful weather of record low highs is making some of us concerned about folks believing in the reality of global warming... but, hey, 60s & 70s sure are more fun for running than 80s & 90s.