Saturday, July 4, 2009

A slow Tidal Basin 3K run.

Yesterday was a special running of the monthly noontime Tidal Basin 3K run, a July 4th holiday version that featured a 9 a.m. start, a 3K run, a 6K run and a 10K run, all in the same race. I was one of two officials at the finish line and it was confusing with people coming and going. The start was strange too, with racers lined up facing three different directions, all to accommodate the varying distances and enable everyone to finish in the same place.

If I had started with everyone else I would have placed in the 3K and gotten my name in the Washington Post as one of the top three finishers. I normally come in around 14:00 and the third place runner in the 3K was over 20 minutes. As it was, my official time for the 3K was 1:49:29 (58:44). That’s pretty slow. I was tied for DFL, three quarters of an hour behind the last 10K finisher.

The race director and I didn’t start running, though, until after the last of the other runners came in. Then we all had cake to celebrate a participant's 60th birthday, and after all the party-goers finally left, the RD and I ran the 3K course. We had left the race clock on so we’d get an “official” time.

We made our loop together in 14:44 (7:54) and punched the race clock out at 1:49. The race director was being nice to finish with me as he could have beaten me handily. But hey, we broke 1:50. I love breaking 1:50 in the 3K.

It was fun. And no, Dan didn’t show up for lunch today. The meal at the Lost Dog CafĂ© in North Arlington was delicious though, try the Polynesian Pizza if you ever go there. Hey Dan, let's do Labor Day!


Just_because_today said...

Maan, I could have beat you on this one!!! You made it under two hours....that's kind of my pace nowadays.
Danny, like I said in our prev post, my heart goes out to you. I hope one day your kids will realize how wrong this whole thing is and you'll get them back. And yes, keep Googling them!

Rainmaker said...

Bummer, didn't know it was on the weekend this time. :(

Nicely done though with the post-race...race.

ShirleyPerly said...

Too bad it wasn't a chip race!

jeanne said...

very cool! and yes, i could have totally taken you DOWN for once!

Petraruns said...

Congrats - and there's always next time to beat everyone..

Danielle in Iowa said...

Third place was over 20 minutes? Does everyone who can run do the longer races? Gees! We have a 4 on the 4th event here with a 4k and a 4 miler and a lot of the high school runners will do the 4k at insane speeds, so it definitely isn't the slow person race!