Friday, March 25, 2011

W&OD 5K.

I couldn't talk anybody at work into going for a 4-mile run yesterday at noon with me; perhaps I should change deodorant. So I ran on the National Mall alone, 4.2 miles in 41:42.

My first race since the Army 10-Miler 2009 (where I got injured) is upcoming this weekend. A 5K where I'm dreading I'll go over 30 minutes for the first time.

I'm in a Walk-To-Run 5K Program, which frankly is the only reason I've ramped up my weekly mileage, which was zero for all of 2010 because of my chronic injury, to 16. The program participants, all non-runners, suspect I'm an interloper and can actually run.

My coach e-mailed everyone to say, "Peter L. is running the W&OD 5K this weekend but he has lots of racing experience so I'm not worried about him." (No one will be there to "support" me.) Can I break 30 minutes?


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Was today a hard run for you? Because pretty much you just have to do the same thing for less distance to be under 30! You can do it!

Sunshine said...

Tons of best wishes, Peter.
Fabulous to see you are blogging again... and even more glorious that you are RUNNING! OH Joy!

Cheers and good luck for your weekend.

blue-haired lady said...

Hey Pete!
glad to see you are running again. I'll have my fingers crossed.