Saturday, August 31, 2013

Windows 8, I'm leaving you, forever

I'm a Mac user now, and in my first hour, I'm enjoying it already.  I think I can figure this Apple-part out.

Last month, my notebook which performed fine service for three years, died.  It was everything I wanted from a home computer, dependable, predictable and useful.

When I went to replace it the folks at Best Buy foisted off upon me an Acer Notebook with Windows 8.  What a miserable two months I have had!

Windows 8 is an unholy mess.  I don't know what's wrong with Acer but always, always, it would take the opportunity to either start inserting my typed letters into the middle of a prior sentence at random times (I don't look at the screed as I type) or slowing down to glacial slowness for no particular reason, to where I frequently had to turn off my computer and restart it.

Windows 8 is tile-driven or tile-centric or something and things would come in from the sides randomly or else I couldn't find anything.  I found myself using the Microsoft key constantly, as my only known route to get out of whatever screen I had been randomly placed in to get back to the desktop.

Somehow, when I lost my tool bars for 3 days and was really at sea, I transformed my screensaver button or refresh button (who knows?) to one minute.  So forevermore the screen would turn to gibberish (tiles) if I didn't move the cursor every 60 seconds.

Do you know how maddening that is?  I spent days, unsuccessfully, looking for the app or process or control that modifies this and never found it because the system was evidentially designed by a bunch of 2d grader idiot savants sitting in a sandbox clutching a pet/wish list with no adult supervision and no regard for consumer use.   .

So today I got rid of my $800 investment in Microsoft and went out and bought a Mac system, for even more money.  I could no longer tolerate that Windows 8 system in my home and I got rid of it!

Already I like my Mac, even though it's different from what I am used to, it's elegant and seemingly intuitive in a manner like I tend to be.  Microsoft threw each next system operating version in your face and if it blinded you, well, they didn't care one whit.

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