Thursday, September 12, 2013

What you see when running

Although it's been a mostly temperate summer, we've had a hot, humid spell here at the end.   I've been struggling mightily with a cold which has invaded my chest and I haven't run for a week to aid my recovery.

Yesterday I finally got back out there, running a mile in the blistering, sopping heat of the noon hour with a running buddy who was returning to work after maternity leave.  She hadn't been running either for awhile, and we walked the mile back.

My last run before yesterday was a few miles about a week ago in Falls Church and Arlington, in the morning before the day heated up.  I was enjoying watching the people I ran past, other runners going by, a househusband walking and cleaning up after the household dog, a Muslim praying on his mat behind the 7-11.

At about 7 a.m. a cherry red Ford Mustang convertible drove by with its top down, a youthful chariot for an old woman, the roadmap of lines criss-crossing the driver's face belying her wind-tossed bleached blonde hair.  It sure was a nice brand new car.

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