Friday, October 4, 2013

Government Shutdown

I'm out of work for the first time since I was 14, excepting for those times when I was in school, thanks to Ted Crud and his ilk in the Party of No (PON) as they try to bring down the country.  I'm disgusted to say that that guy worked at my agency at one time.

I'm embarrassed to be a federal worker (I'm "nonessential") and disappointed to be an American.  After all, who was it who sent these clowns to Congress, where they seem to be fixated on keeping access to affordable health care from the sick, the poor and the unemployed?  I guess it was you and I (although, truth be told, it's been a really long time since I last voted for anyone in the PON).

I'm disheartened by the reactions of people I know elsewhere.  When I called up a relative out west and glumly said I'm out of work and told this pious person that I was going to church on Sunday to pray for forgiveness for the PON members responsible (they want to extra-judicially overturn the last two presidential elections and the notorious Supremes decision), this relative disputed the responsibility I iterated in knee-jerk fashion by saying it's the president's fault.  That's empathy for ya, a quick dismissal of anything I might know or think I know from being one of the ones most intimately affected by the PON's irresponsible reckless actions or from living in DC where these, ahem, people reside most of the time.

Now they have their eyes set on the debt ceiling fight in two weeks, drooling over the prospect of roiling the global economy.  They're like an awakening little sleeper cell, quiescent since 2008-2009, determined to finish the stymied job of world ruination.

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Dori said...

I'm sorry you've been furloughed. I'm pissed off, too. That they try to blame the president for "not compromising" is ludicrous. Instead of adults, it seems like a bunch of 13 year olds are in Congress, judging from their "logic."