Monday, December 31, 2007

Death's 5-year plan.

My great-grandfather died at age 71 of lung cancer. He smoked.

My grandfather died at age 66 of lung cancer. He smoked.

My father died at age 61 of lung cancer. He smoked.

Do you see a pattern here?

Twenty-five years ago today, I crushed out my last cigarette at two seconds to midnight. I haven’t had so much as a puff since.

In three and a half months I’ll be 56.


jeanne said...

happy new year! and CONGRATS on one of the hardest of all habits to kick. That's quite an accomplishment.

And the mother in me needs to say this: given your history, you need to make a resolution to get to a doctor this year, so you don't pull a salazar. Cuz you're not going anytime soon, bub. Too many people need you!
jeanne, m.d.

Rainmaker said...

Happy New Year, and well done on dropping the habit years ago. According to this nifty chart - you've already got a significant head start on things:

David said...

You didn't say if any of those forefathers were crazy runners like you.

I had my ceremonial one ciggy of the year this morning at the bowl game. (Personal vice tradition.)

Sunshine said...

Quitting was good, yes??
Check out the latest research on Vitamin D3. Maybe that is something to consider.
You know: Keep running!!!!!!
Best of luck.

Susan said...

I am 100% confident that you will be with well past four months from now! :)

Happy New Year.