Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tis the Season

I am co-director of my agency's Wellness Committee. I direct its running program, taking the Hare Group out for a noontime run on the Mall once a week. I have done this for 130 straight weeks now. Three or four times someone other than me has led the run when I was away. Here is a picture of M and I on a recent snowy Hare Group run. I am the hatless one.

There is always a morning run on the day of the work holiday party. Here is the Holiday Run from 2005. I am on the left, with C and M. It was cold that day. M beat me that year in the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler for agency bragging rights. In 2005 I went one evening to Union Station and ran the Christmas Light Run along the Mall to the Ellipse and back to view the decorated trees along the way. I ran into Bex on that run, and met NBTR and Nancy Toby and Jeanne afterwards. It was the first time I ever heard the word blog. Jeanne explained to me that it meant web log. Here is a picture of me in front of the 2005 National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse (photo credit Bex), followed by a picture of Bex in front of it.

Here is my Christmas tree in 2005, set up in my middle child's room. He was 17 then. Although I had plain vanilla visitation and they lived less than two and a half miles away with their Mother, none of my minor children had been to my house in more than two and a half years by then. But that's another story called Modern American Domestic Law. You don't want to hear it, believe me. It is a Grinch's tale, and Tiny Tim dies in the end every time.

Last week on the morning of my work's holiday party, I led the Hare Group on a version of the Christmas Light Run. I called it the Holiday Light Run for obvious reasons. First stop was the Peace Officer's Memorial Tree in front of the DC Courthouse. The little decorated tree behind me in the picture was planted a few years back in memory of two DC officers killed in the line of duty that year. God bless them (photo credit K).

K and I ran on this beautiful morning to the Ellipse from there and viewed the National Christmas Tree in all its decorative glory.

Then we ran around the Ellipse to view the National Menorah before running back to our agency (photo credit K).

Afterwards I went up to Union Station to snap a picture of the Christmas Tree inside there.

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a safe and happy holiday season.


David said...

You've been busy in the photo albums and at the scanner haven't you?
It's fun. Keep going.

Just12Finish said...

Same to you Peter. Same to you.

Rainmaker said...

Merry Christmas! Those sounds like some cool routes you've outlined there!

Vanilla said...

Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year to you and yours!

The snow doesn't stay around very long in Denver.

CewTwo said...

I remember Larimer Square in late December as well. I graduated High School in '71. It was a family and friends thing to visit Larimer Square during the "Quaint" Christmas celebration that they held every year. Hot mulled cider and treats as well as the opportunity to sell, sell, sell by the merchants. I went with one young lady regularly.

Peter is was great talking to you this morning. I look forward to when you have more time so we can do a run.

I have your number and you have mine so it shouldn't be a problem!

Susan said...

I really admire you, Peter. You are very involved in others lives and it completely shows. How caring!

Merry Christmas.

susie said...

Merry Christmas, Peter!

jeanne said...

I don't think i've done anything for 130 weeks straight. well, maybe eat. how great that you lead your agency's group--how great that your agency has a group! I remember that christmas light run, too! i don't know what happened this year did they not have it?

you have a very full life peter. enjoy every minute of it!

merry christmas!