Friday, December 28, 2007


During my Denver trip last week I had a RBF hookup of sorts. I was staying in a hotel on Denver's 16th Street Mall, pictured on the left, and I called up CewTwo, who lives out there. We had a very nice conversation.

I was only in Denver overnight, having to make a court appearance in the morning and catch a mid-afternoon flight out, so I didn't have time to actually run with CewTwo, which I would like to do. Next time, Charlie.

He's a gentleman who took up running later in life and, apparently, underwent a transformation. He puts in a lot of miles, approaching 1,900 for the the year, and has become really fit. You can tell this by looking at the before and after pictures on his blog.

Charlie is also a computer geek and loves to go jeeping in the many canyons afforded by the nearby front range of the rockies, exploits about which he sometimes posts pictures. Sometimes he runs with his dog Molly, and he thinks he's still in the decision stage about this, but he's going to run a marathon next year. I recommend to him the Fort Collins Old Town Marathon on May 4th (formerly the Colorado Marathon).

There's still plenty of time for him to prepare for it if he gets started soon. It's 17 miles down the beautiful Poudre River Canyon followed by a run through town to the finish line. There's a 15 mile race in conjunction with it, a Mini Marathon they call it. I did a 15-mile race once (in Ohio in January!) and it was a fun distance.

The awesome triathlete ShirleyPerly ran the Colorado Marathon and though it was her PW, she seemed to like it, calling it her Personal Best Personal Worst (PW) marathon. She runs a lot of them, as she is intending to run marathons in all 50 states within a few years (don't forget about DC, Shirley).

My profile picture is of me standing in front of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on Staten Island the day before the 2006 NYCM. That bridge is a bigger version of the famed Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. In the picture to the left, I am standing in front of that bridge in June, two days after the Lake Tahoe Relay. Says this boy from Staten Island, the view is almost as good.


Rainmaker said...

Wow, you get around and meet all the bloggers. You're a blogger-playa'.

Petraruns said...

Great to hear you meeting up (by phone at least) with CewTwo and giving a shoutout to awesome ShirleyPerly!

Susan said...

Oh I wish you could have run with Charlie! I would love to run with him one day.