Monday, December 1, 2008

A blogland hookup

I had a nice hookup for lunch with Not Born To Run on Saturday at Teaism in the District. Since she does tris now, she really should be known as Not Born to Run, Bike or Swim (or maybe Not Born to Whatever). She had a real nice post recently about losing her Mom, and it was good to catch up with her for an hour.

I was late. I couldn't find parking nearby so I finally parked over near my work across the street from Georgetown Law and ran from there to Judiciary Square, where I jumped aboard a DC Smartbike and bicycled the rest of the way to the restaurant at E and 8th Streets. Jeanne's observation as I rode up was that all I needed was to add swimming and I'd be a tri-athlete too.

It's funny the difference between men and women. I spent the hour bemoaning the fact that I hadn't brought my cable lock so we had to sit by the window where I could watch my bike, parked outside. NBTR instead was worried that I didn't have a helmet. (Helmet? What helmet?)

I grew up biking all over the hills of Staten Island on my trusty red Schwinn without a helmet. I delivered the Herald Tribune every morning and went to the corner candy store for an Almond Joy bar every afternoon on my bike without mishap. Gears? What gears? (Ain't this a thing of beauty? My Schwinn didn't have any front brakes, though. )

Even the Smartbike has three gears. While we ate, I saw another Smartbike user ride by my forlorn red and white bicycle parked on the curb, sans lock. I felt like rushing outside and waving to him. Sort of like back in the early 60s when VW owners always beeped at each other when they drove by one another. But he had on a helmet so I didn't point him out to Jeanne. Show-off!

After sixty minutes of delightful conversation during which we solved many of the problems of blogland but none of the difficulties of the real world, I bicycled back to Judiciary Square to return my bike to its rack and then went in to work for a few hours to do some administrative work on the half-marathon program I direct for my club. Jeanne is hard at work training for her next race, the Blue & Gray Half-Marathon in Fredericksburg. She is fresh from a 10K PR in a race last week. She looks great.

What I forgot to tell Jeanne is that I have the same birthday as her Mom had, April 15th, Income Tax Day. It's unforgettable.

Do you suppose I really need a helmet?


Anne said...

Hopefully the hookup with Jeanne will ease the terrible Thanksgiving you had to endure. I'd have gotten on your case about the helmet too.

Susan said...

Helmet, yes (even though I never had one growing up!)

Did you know that nowadays they say babies should not have bumpers in their cribs? (the puffy padding at the interior perimeter) How did I make it past the age of 3????

jeanne said...

and that kids have to ride in car seats? and people use seat belts?? What next?!?!

Thanks. that was sweet, and very enjoyable. :)

jeanne said...

p.s. interesting about the birthday. now you know i won't be able to forget yours.

David said...

I can appreciate spending time with Not Born to Whatever. She always has a different angle on reality.
Helmets, schmelmets. Heck no.

Rainmaker said...

Yes. You need a helmet. Jeesh!

Petraruns said...

In Holland, where I'm from, and everyone rides a bike, no-one wears a helmet. I drove Smartbikes in Paris this spring - no helmets.

However - as a mother - I make my kids wear helmets.. And you know - please wear a helmet?

ShirleyPerly said...

I've fallen off my bike and cracked two helmets but have gotten no head cracks, thankfully. I think Jeanne is right!