Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Running while Rome burns.

Government shutdown, week two.  I go out for a run every morning, usually running the hills in my town up around the school, stopping at the 7-11 on the way back to buy coffee and a Washington Post.

I did my LSD run with John out in Fairfax on Saturday on a hot, humid summer-like day.  There was a 5K race occurring at the same time along the route we were running so we ran on the sidewalk and watched the race leaders go by.

We diverted from our planned route near the finish line and ran into the shopping mall to mingle with the runners in the finish line area there.  It wasn't really stolen glory, I used to run 50 races a year before my chronic injury and I enjoy chatting up runners.
(I'm on the left, John is on the right.)

After a short while we finished our run, grateful for the brief respite in the stifling heat.  I'm keeping active during my forced inactivity but I can't wait for the politicians to resolve the situation.

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