Friday, October 11, 2013


I watched a news report extolling the school teachers who were heroes in the Newtown massacre, who shielded their children as the insane killer stalked the halls of the school.  Some died, with living children under their bodies.

Heroes.  I know they're in heaven with the children taken from us that day, along with the brave principal and school administrator who tried to take out the armed crazed killer at the onset.

These women gave their last full measure for their youthful charges.  I weep for them, and the children killed.

My ex-wife is an elementary school teacher in my home town and I hope she would be so selfless and unselfish as befits her profession.  But having witnessed her actions in our nuclear divorce litigation, wherein she brought our three minor children into the front lines of the proceedings which so radicalized them that they haven't communicated with a single Lamberton in years, where she used these children in an unconscionable manner to merely advance her selfish and shortsighted purposes and ruined what should have been their happy childhoods and warped perhaps forever their adult associations, somehow I doubt it.

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