Monday, June 27, 2016

Memorial Day

I ran a self-timed 3K race in my home town on the morning of Memorial day this year, finishing the 1.86 miles in 16:24 (8:48 pace).  This was a bittersweet day because although it was a holiday, it was my last day of "work" because the next day I was retiring after twenty-six and a half years of service with the federal government.

Since it was a holiday, I partook of my usual lunch at the local pizzeria in the hopes that my three estranged sons would appear after a decade of non-communication.  I knew they wouldn't, and they didn't, so I invited a friend I had recently been running with to join me and we enjoyed a pizza pie during the noon hour.

We passed by Rolling Thunder as I drove her home and we also stopped in at the Air Force Memorial out of respect to members of the armed forces for their service.

Next up, boys, is the Fourth of July, which falls a week from now on next Monday.  Maybe you'll join me for lunch then at the Lost Dog Cafe in Westover.

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