Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Down it came

It was time. I finally took down my Christmas tree. This year I set the artificial tree up in the bedroom of my 18-year old who attends college in Richmond. (Left: The 2007 Christmas tree as seen from the bedroom across the hall.)

I live in a little one and a half storey workman's home built in the 1930s. When I sell it, they'll tear it down and McMansion the lot with a million-plus dollar house. The mansion being built across the street from me, replacing a little one-level ranch, is so big it practically blots out the sun. This is the way of the neighborhood because it is within walking distance of Metro and is in the village of Falls Church with its reportedly superior public school system.

The 2d floor of my cottage has low ceilings so the tree couldn't be fully set up because it's too tall. I left the middle pole out and balanced the upper part on the lower part. It worked. (Right: The tree took up practically the entire bedroom.)

I try to never set up the tree in the same spot as the prior Christmas. Last year the tree was in the 19-year old's bedroom across the hall. (Below: My stocking was hung by the chimney with care.)

He attends the same college in Richmond as my youngest son. I know this because I recently received a statement from the institution indicating how much of their tuition has been paid (I provide for both boys' full tuition and all fees). My oldest boy hasn't ever asked for me to provide for his tuition and fees so I don't think he has ever attended college.

I ran a race down in Richmond awhile back and poked around their campus a little. It looked like a nice place. I hope those two are happy there. (Right: The most famous tourist spot in Falls Church, the farmer feeding slop to his hogs outside Don Beyer Volvo on Route 7. Look at the winter sky that sometimes greets me on early morning runs.)

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jeanne said...

i'm glad to see, even though you live alone, you still make the effort to celebrate. that says something to me about hope.

your house sounds perfect. boo hiss on all mcmansions. i'm surrounded by them. not that bethesda has much of a neighborhood feeling to begin with, but the little pockets it did have are slowly being taken over.

Richmond is a great place. i lived there for 12 years. maybe we should schedule a road trip. and surprise those two kids.