Friday, January 11, 2008

Gifts with Messages?

Ha ha. I already tole you all that I was photographed last summer running past the Jefferson Memorial with another runner one Saturday morning. This picture, by someone I supposed was a tourist, wound up on page 75 of the October issue of Cooking Light as part of its feature on DC as the 3d best city in the US, based on whatever criteria Cooking Light uses for such lists. The two anonymous runners illustrated DC's "walkability" (we weren't going that slow). (Photo credit Douglas Merriam.)
Anyway, I have five siblings, and three sons who don't speak to me. So that was eight Christmas presents I sent out "cold," a wrapped October issue of Cooking Light for each one of them. No note of explanation. I loved my three-week fantasy of all those bouts of head-scratching on Christmas day. (They all think my presents carry messages.)

One sister thought it heralded a gift subscription. Another thought I was going batty. Another thought that I was implying she was a bad cook. My brother thought he received the wrong present. My three boys, I don't know what they thought about it but it probably wasn't nice.

The jig's up. My sister from Ohio called.

She thought I had sent it to her because we had recently discussed soup-making. The magazine has a picture of a bowl of soup on its cover. Last weekend she was actually making soup and flipping through the periodical for ideas. As she was fanning through the magazine glancing at the pictures, she suddenly thought, Hey, I know that guy. She went back to the photo and scrutinized it. Who? Oh wow, it's Peter!

Ha ha. She wins the prize!


Sunshine said...

Ah the wonderful memories of the great times with those kids when they were young.
Even when the relationships are going fairly well for us today... our kids are all grown up and that part is over. Sigh.
But oh it would have been fun if your boys had known there was a picture of their dad. If only someone would tell them....

jeanne said...

ha ha!!! what a GREAT idea for a present! i love surprises like that!

CewTwo said...

Great story, Peter. I'm still smiling at your clever nature. Great picture, too! Now I can say that I know and have met 2 celebrities!
When I was doing outside construction, we were at one house where Ann B Davis lived. She played Alice Nelson on the Brady Bunch.
I spent 3 days on the project and she invited me in each day to have coffee. It was fun. She is a very nice person.

Congratulations (or not) on the reason for coming to Denver being settled.

I look very forward to a run with you. I just think that I will be looking at (umm... err...) not your best side as I struggle to keep up with you!

I do run outside on a regular basis. My fellow runners in town got me some clothing to ensure my availability when I tried to back out.

Thanks, Peter!

our little world said...

That is a great story!

Rainmaker said...

That's pretty unique - neat way of covertly sending them a photo while otherwise confusing the heck out of them.

Next year you've got to get your photo into a different category of perhaps Highlights (for kids). That would realy take them for a spin.

Susan said...

Great gift idea!