Sunday, January 27, 2008

Uh, whatever

I got in a little family hot water last fall when I received an email from one of my sisters saying that my nephew had become engaged to some woman he'd met on some trip he'd taken. I didn't know the woman but that sounded nice. When they set a wedding date, I supposed I'd focus on it and see if I could go.

My sister was outraged. None of her siblings sent her son a congratulatory email. She definitely had a check list going. I asked when the wedding was taking place so that I could circle the date on my calendar.

She said that it was going to be sometime during the summer. Of 2009. In Canada.

Ahh! I don't have a 2009 calendar yet, but I sure do have plenty of time to get a passport.

More recently I received a call from my sister inquiring whether I was likely to attend. For a week. In Canada. On some indeterminate date in the summer of 2009. And would I be bringing a S.O?

I'm not even dating currently. But at least my sister didn't ask if any of my three estranged sons, who haven't spoken to anybody on my side of the family for five years, would be coming.

It sounded like some list was being created. Some talk was evidently underfoot about renting a family compound so that all of the future in-laws from the states could gather together to bond or commune on the celebrated union or something. For a week. In Canada. On some indeterminate date in the summer of 2009.

Without hesitation I said to put me down as a yes on all counts.

What would you have done?


Sunshine said...

With apologies.. I have to tell you I laughed! Families: you have to keep loving them, but sometimes it is weird.
I'd write about mine, but they read our blogs.
Humble opinion: you did the right thing. But don't think you will get off Scott-free on that unnamed week in the summer of 2009 without anybody being angry at you about something. Bless you for trying.

Rainmaker said...

You could have thrown them for a loop - when asked if you were bringing a signficant other, you could have said "Of course, I'll have between 8-10 lovely ladies with me".

Just to keep them talkin'.

jeanne said...

i laughed too, i'm sorry.

hells yeah you're going! until you get a firm date, from them and find out it conflicts with some giant race you've been training for months for!

talk about your planning ahead! oy.

(to answer your other question: it means Dead ****ing Last!!)


Sunshine said...

Ooops.. checked it out.. found a web site that says "get off scot free" same meaning though.
Anyway, best of luck!

peter said...

Ah, you're a genius Jeanne. They were talking about the Fourth of July weekend for the benefit of us Amuricans. That would be...the 2009 CAN 5K!

Just12Finish said...

"Perhaps" is a word that comes to mind.

DawnB said...

Peter if wasn't ment to be a funny witty post you certainly got me lol. Good luck and remember its going to be hard to get out this one :)

David said...

A rock solid guaranteed maybe.

Susan said...


My closest friend is having a destination wedding. You know the kind -- where just the family goes. Well, she EXPECTS me to plunk down $2500 to go to Jamaica for three little days. UGH!