Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dental Work

By enduring a few pure-rush-of-pain jabs from my dentist's drill as she ground down a troublesome tooth which couldn't be totally deadened at the point of the crack in the tooth, the tooth was shaped enough to be molded for a permanent crown.  The product to cap the cracked tooth came back from the lab two weeks later and I returned for its insertion and to have, gulp, two more cracked teeth shaped for crowns.

On that day, as I wormed my way into the back of the dental chair and the sweat started to collect on my brow, the tech yanked off the temporary crown over the sensitive tooth and used her prong tool to clear cement off the tooth.  I jerked when she touched the point of the crack in the tooth with her wicked implement.

That hurt.  She didn't touch the spot again.

The dentist came in and tried to place the lab product on the troublesome tooth.  It didn't, wouldn't, fit.

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