Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My running buddy puts me away

Yesterday was overcast and temperate but exceedingly humid.  My running buddy and I started out our six-mile noontime run by going up Capital Hill and around the Capitol at the outset.

Since she's a busy professional and a mom as well, she doesn't have a lot of time to get ready for the MCM, which is next month, so she's been throwing down long runs in the teens mostly while I've been running alone mostly and doing 10Ks, feeling like I've been increasing  my speed for the distance these past few weeks.

She's been complaining about how tired she is and how slow she's getting while she concentrates on LSDs, which she claims are killing her at the end.  Indeed, we ran an eight-miler together about four weeks back and she was unable to finish it without a walking spell.

Come into my lair on this six-miler, I thought, and I'll show you the view from the back.  An hour later it was I who had the view from the back mostly, especially on the Washington Monument hill, and, my clothes soaked and sopping through and through with sweat, I caught up with her at the end as she slowed and I was exceedingly glad to get this up-tempo run over with.

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