Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm Running

I have bumped up my game since I abandoned running for a couple of years in 2009 due to a chronic injury and then tried to come back in in 2011 with my running buddy when I was close to 250 pounds.  Back then we could barely run two miles before one or the other of us would break down.  Since then we've lost about 100 pounds together, of which I accounted for probably 98 of those.

Coming back, I tried to run four times a week, about 15 miles a week doing 10-minute miles.  Now I run five times a week, about 25 miles a week and do 9:20-minute miles.

I'm in a happy place.  My running buddy trusts me enough to have asked me to jump in and run the last 10K of her upcoming marathon with her.  You probably have heard the old saw that a marathon is a 20 mile warm-up run with an ensuing 10K race.

She's faster than me now.  I will do my best to drive her on in the last portion of her race next month.

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