Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I carry a camera wherever I go, especially on runs, and take lots of pictures.  And no, it's not an I-Phone, rather it's a rugged sports camera (that has lasted over 3 years despite two nasty spills and several drops) and here are the year's dozen or so more memorable snapshots.

Early morning on the Inner Banks in North Carolina.

I call this theme The Empty Chair and it's repeated during the noon hour at a particular lunch spot near where my three children grew up, on most holidays and birthdays.  This occasion was my middle child's 28th birthday.

Sunset in the Shenandoah on Veteran's Day.

I'm keen on wildlife.

Sunrise at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia.

The Key Bridge over the Potomac on a January morning.

A Civil War fort in North Carolina.

A boat basin in Vandemere, North Carolina.

A cold and windy winter run.

The C&O Canal Towpath, July 9th.

Buffalo Airport, May 14th.

Newport News, November 9th.

I won (my age group).

Fall in the Rocky Mountains.

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