Friday, December 30, 2016

The year in review, part 3 of 3

In September I slowly came back to running after my surgery from the prior month and I saw my sister who came to town for a visit.  I also started working for the Hillary campaign so that, in the ridiculously unlikely scenario that The Donald actually won the presidency, I could hold myself above reproach for any repercussions from such an outlandish and disastrous occurrence.

In October I worked really hard for the Hillary campaign, canvassing in Northern Virginia and electioneering in North Carolina.  I hadn't worked for any campaign since the McGovern campaign in 1972, which should have been a sign.

In November I took a trip to Newport News to poll watch on election day, an undertaking which, in retrospect, was a complete waste of time and money, as a vocal minority of Americans spoke loud and clear on that day.  I also spent a day in Shenandoah park getting use out of my lifetime National Park pass and took a trip to Colorado to inspect some properties, where the weather cooperated and the views were, as usual, spectacular.

In December I laid off running for a few weeks due to injury and I unsuccessfully tried once again to start healing my fractured immediate family by going during the noon hour on Christmas to my favorite restaurant in Westover.  I also attended a very nice Hanukkah party at a friend's house and spent a lovely Christmas afternoon in the District with a friend.

Do you think 2017 will be more, or less, momentous?

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