Monday, December 19, 2016

Friends and neighbors.

In no particular order, and leaving out some noteworthy folks as well, here are a few of the people I have benefitted from knowing or encountering this past year.  My cousin Liz and her husband Bill from Colorado, with whom I stayed in Buckroe Beach in Hampton for a few days.

My friend and former colleague Lisa, here with with her first-born, who gave me a wonderful birthday present this year when she showed up unexpectedly at a restaurant I was having lunch at on that day.

My friend and former colleague Helen, who got me into politics again.  Thanks a lot!  ;-).

My friends, former colleagues and current running buddies Devin and Leah, here thoughtfully reflecting outside the Trump Hotel.

My friend and former colleague Greg, a fellow crackerjack litigator, here celebrating my last day of work with some single malt scotch.

My friend and former colleague Seena, whose experience helped me out immeasurably at work.

My friend and past running buddy John, here with his wife Riza.  John picked me up after my surgery this summer and made sure I got home safely and was safe in my house before he left.

My man Trevor.

My friend, mentor and former colleague Steve.  He was lead attorney on my first trial, a two-week affair in Reno, and gave me sage advice on my second trial, a two-day affair in Tampa.  We obtained full relief in both trials.

All of my friends and former colleagues at work, excepting current management and their toadies.  Here my friends assembled outside my former office building for my going-away lunch, which they organized and insisted that I attend.  I see, amongst others who attended, Karen, Tom, two Mikes, Voni, my trusted counselor Leah, Michelle who was invaluable as my second chair at my trial in Tampa, Coutney, Nick a fellow runner and litigator extraordinaire and Greg a fellow runner and litigator extraordinaire.

My dependable neighbors including Mike, shown here working his snowblower on our sidewalks following the blizzard last winter, Barb, Antonio, Bertha, Kevin, Tony, Steve and Sherry.

My friend and former college roommate Jimmy, seen here electioneering in North Carolina where he lives when he isn't in Hawaii.  I was able to help deliver Virginia but he couldn't help deliver North Carolina.

My family members including those I saw or spoke to this past year.  My sister Kate, seen here posing before the building named after the guy who destroyed America's middle class, visited me this year.

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