Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The year in review, part 1 of 3.

In January I waited at a reunion that apparently will never be.  Dining with the perennially empty chair and the ever-full 2d beer on my middle child's 28th birthday.

I kept on running during the noon hour through a cold and raw February.  Here I ran by some school children on a field trip dispensing hot chocolate at the MLK Memorial.

In March I ran my only official race of the year, a 5K on the W&OD Trail half a mile from my house.  I won my AG and received a pie as my prize.

On my birthday in April, I was delightfully surprised when I was joined by friends at the place I normally go to for lunch on birthdays and holidays.  The couple in the middle are newlyweds who in the fall moved to AZ, while the woman on the right, a colleague at work, had had a baby less than three weeks earlier.

My life was about to change.

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