Sunday, December 18, 2016


I go to church twelve times a year, whether I need to or not.  Some of my friends think this orderly regime is funny, others think it is indicative of how I think.

This year I went to church thirteen times, as in today, because there was so much to speak to the Lord about currently.  I also contribute to the collection plate (of course) and add a dollar coin (as a token) for whomever I am  thinking about, troubled about or hopeful about currently.

Today was a record, perhaps by multiples, for the token donations, ten one-dollar coins, for my thoughts on persons or concepts.  After communion, I prayed on my knees in church for each person(s) or concept that each coin represented.

In no particular order, my prayers were for (i) a friend who was terminally ill, (ii) all relatives abroad for their eventual safe passage home, (iii) my estranged children, (iv) the one wife thereby that I know about (welcome to the family!), (v) the USA (do you wonder why?), (vi) illness stricken people in my family, (vii) a family member who currently needs prayers, (viii) my own heart for hardening against a person who should be close to me were I more understanding, patient and compassionate, (ix) a hopeful next year (this embarrassingly might be the same as praying for myself), and (x) a blessing upon the marriage and moving on of a friend of mine.  When I got home from church, I learned that the gravely ill friend of mine had passed and was obviously with the Lord.

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