Sunday, April 8, 2012

W&OD 5K 2012.

Sunday March 26th was the running of the W&OD Trail 5K. Not too long ago I could burn off a 23 minute 5K.

But then I got injured plus I got old (60 in less than a week). Last year I ran the race in 29:12 and was ecstatic that I didn't break 30 minutes (I have never run a 5K in over thirty minutes).

This year I jogged down to the start line from my house with 5 minutes to go (the race runs by my house twice) and set off down the trail when the gun went off. The course is flat and I passed the first mile in 8:50.

Fatigue then set in and the second mile rolled by in 18:10. I persevered however and finished in 27:54 (8:59) and felt good about my progress at age 59, almost 60.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cherry Blossoms 2012 Redux

On a noontime run last month I headed down to the Tidal Basin with a couple of co-workers to drink in the Cherry Blossoms before they faded. It was a six-mile round trip, with slow going around the Tidal Basin because of the narrowness of the paths and the presence of crowds. (Right: The pink buds frame the highway bridge.)

The trees, donated to the United States by Japan as a sign of friendship in 1912, are 100 years old this year. The National Park Service is vigilant in keeping the keeps the trees active, vibrant and healthy.

(Left: The Jefferson Memorial across the way. Picture courtesy of HW.) The blooms came early this year and by the time of the Cherry Blossom Expo arrived this month, the blooms were all gone. The NPS says this is likely to be the new paradigm as global warming kicks in.

The run took about an hour and the colors were spectacular. There's no lovelier city in America during this week. (Left: There were visitors galore present to view the buds.)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cherry Blossoms 2012

The Cherry Blossoms have come and gone in DC. I did make it down to the Tidal Basin with some of my noontime running buddies to see them though. (Right: Interesting blossoms on a hundred-year old tree.)

This year the blossoms came incredibly early, bloomed furiously for a few days and then faded quickly. they were so early that the usual crowds were not present, as many of those out-of-towners had planned their trips to DC for a little bit later in the season. (Left: My noontime running buddies.)

There's no better way to see the blooms than to jog around the Tidal Basin. It makes living in DC a wonderful experience. (Right: The Washington Monument from the Tidal Basin.)