Saturday, February 28, 2015

And Still More Happy Happy

Happy b'day, youngest son (pictured here with your loving Grandmother, who gave the money that allowed you to go to the Gow School, and was generous with me as well which enabled me to fully fund your college tuition and fees). I trust that you are alive (your Mother wouldn't tell me when I asked her in Nov.) and hope that you are well (she wouldn't tell me that either).

Friday, February 20, 2015

And More Happy Happy

It's a new dawn… Happy birthday to my oldest, who will be closing out his twenties soon.  (A hat-trick striker with the McLean Sting, below, and also the FYPC Lightning.  But then again his agenda-driven "counselor" when he was a youth, who was his Mother's "counselor" as well, convinced him that I was living my life vicariously through his athletic achievements.  In my opinion, she was and is full of pure crap.)

I haven't spoken to him since 2007, nor seen him since perhaps 2005, but hope springs eternal.  I read an article about him, relating to a project on Kickstarter, in November, so at least I know he's alive.  His Mother, a public school teacher, stonily refuses to tell me anything at all about him or my 2 other sons.  (He's the one on the right, below, I think, although this article describes him as the one on the left.)

He lives, I surmise, either with his Mother a couple of miles away or else somewhere else in Arlington, the next town over.  Yesterday I sent a birthday greeting card to him care of his Mother's address asking him to call me about the VA prepaid tuition plan I am the owner of, and so I can relay some important family news. Perhaps this will be the year… .  (The collage below featuring our first-born is circa 1987.)

At noon today I'll be having lunch at the Lost Dog Cafe in Westover, Jim.  (Happier times, before the "experts" who prey on divorce situations as they suck the Estate dry and drive their own agendas got involved.)