Thursday, November 8, 2007

Five things you need to know, five people you need to meet

I’m going to do a meme, whatever that is. I think it’s just a blogging version of - Tag You’re It.

I tried this once before without much success. Jeanne (Not Born To Run) cooperated, so I might as well tag her again. She has to post once a day for a month anyway because of Nablopomo, whatever that is. So she’ll undoubtedly thank me. Go read her blog. She’s brilliantly funny. (Aww, anyone who reads this knows that already.)

I got the idea from reading Irene in San Diego (Magazine Smiles). She likes Led Zeppelin and I’m going through a Man With Sticks phase right now (again). It looked like it would be fun. Besides, my parents got married in San Diego, in 1944. My Dad was a young Marine about to ship out for Peleliu and Okinawa, and my Mom was a defense plant plant worker. They met at a USO dance. She was hiding in the coat room when he was getting his jacket to leave. She was lonely and shy, having grown up in Yuma, Colorado, a small farming community on the plains. My Dad, OTOH, was cosmopolitan having grown up in Winona, Minnesota, a large town on the Mississippi River. She was 20, he was barely 19. They were together til death did them part 42 years later when he died of lung cancer. I was there when his life departed. He became addicted to nicotine from smoking the three cigarettes supplied in each K-Ration during the war. He came back from the war and taught her to smoke. She died of emphysema. Those were different days. Nobody stays married now and the kids suffer. (There. You just got a lot of free information. At work, I always tell new attorneys, never give out information for free.)

Here are the Rules:
• Link to your tagger, and post these rules on your blog.
• Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
• Tag 5 people at the end of your post by their names and links to their blogs.
• Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I was born in Connecticut. (I lived there all of six weeks.)

2. There were six kids in my family.

3. We weren’t Catholic.

4. I have three sons, all over 18.

5. I had never run a distance of more than seven miles at any one time when I did my first marathon, the Inaugural Baltimore Marathon in 5:05:20. (I told myself the whole last hour while I was walking it in that if I only could beat five hours, I’d never do another marathon. I missed my goal so I had to do fourteen more (and counting)).

Here are four more persons besides NBTR who are going to be mad at me.
cewtwo - why, how, what, where I run...
Dorine - she do run run
nylisa - Lisa's Running Journal
sunshine - best day of the year


Rainmaker said...

Wow, never more than 7 miles before your first Marathon? Now THAT's impressive.

That also must have hurt like heck the next day...

Irene said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I wonder how many marathons I need to run before I break 5 hour... Eeek!

Enjoy your weekend and happy running!

Anonymous said...

So, do you remember the bets we placed over a year ago? Did I say Lance in 2:45? He ran a 2:46 this year. 13 minute improvement...any probably without Olympic champs. I think that's admirable. -A.

nylisa said...

So my boss asks me today if I will consider running another marathon, and another one besides the NYCM. I said yes to both. How crazy is that?!

5 things coming up shortly!...

CewTwo said...

What can I say? 7 miles, ey? Then a marathon? Then even more...

While I am contemplating running one, If I make the same deal with myself I need to set a 7 hour goal...


peter said...

Rainmaker and Charlie: I was young and stupid those six years ago when I ran Baltimore with no training. I was a runner, though, which was worth something.

Irene: I broke the five hour barrier in my 3rd marathon, by 7 seconds. Do you know how fast I ran those last 100 yards? I was a wild man, bowling children over and knocking dogs out of the way!

Lisa: MCM 10/26/08. The People's Marathon. And you won't have to leave your place four and a half hours early to get to the start on time!

A: Okay, I owe you an Outback dinner. Come collect.

jeanne said...

aw shucks thanks for the nice words. brilliant you say??!

See, if only we still had USO dances where I could hide in the coat closet! no need for stupid!

Kids DO suffer from divorce. no doubt about it.

you ran a marathon on 7 miles! then i guess i can do a half on the same! awesome!

I DO thank you for this. It's all blog fodder, my fellow connecticutian.