Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cherry Blossom Run

The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. They're beautiful this year.

I took my work running group on a run around the Tidal Basin yesterday at noon. We did a lot of sideways running to avoid the crush of tourists. Much of our running was on the gentle bank that slopes up from the footpath around the Tidal Basin where all the Cherry Blossom trees that were part of the original gift from the Japanese government shortly before WWI were planted.

It was me, M and L. L is doing the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler on Sunday and he has been training diligently. He looks strong. He just turned 60 but he keeps very active. A couple of years ago he hiked for six days through the Grand Canyon and down a side canyon. Alone.

M is the fast one in our group. He was frustrated at having to slow up so much for the crowds, and at me for stopping to take pictures, so he took the lead. He cleared a path through the tourists for us. L ran up next to him and told him he only got one point if he bowled over someone under four feet tall, but two points for anyone taller. Three points if he knocked them into the water. M was born in Germany and I don't think he recognized that as humor. He stared at L. (Photo credit K.)

This was definitely a buddy run. I kept calling out, Hey, M, aren't they beautiful? He would intone each time, Sure. My humor also was wasted.

For a noontime workday run, let's see any of you top it.


Shirley said...

Nice photos! Looks so pretty with the cherry blossums in bloom. Some people laughed at me carrying a camera during my marathon on Sunday but the wind was slowing everyone down so why not have a little extra fun :-)

BTW, there is another slot on the team. If it doesn't involve public voting, I may try again.

Sunshine said...

Totally magnificent!! Unbeatable lunch hour!

DawnB said...

Hi Peter very nice. the place is gorgeous.

Susan said...

Wow! I certainly can not top that!

Rainmaker said...

I love running around DC during the Cherry Blossoms. I agree - no better way to spend any portion of any day.