Friday, May 23, 2008

Old Cop Cars

A few posts ago, during National Police Week here in DC, I tole you about Colorado State Trooper Zach Templeton, who was taken from us in October at age 27 by a careless teen-age driver. He left behind a daughter, who was the joy of his life.

I didn't know Zach, but I worked with his type when I was a Colorado State Patrolman from 1980 to 1987 and I would have trusted Zach with my life. I always say, if you need help immediately because you're in desperate straits, find a trooper. S/he will act right away to resolve your problem.

Here is Zach's name on the National Law Enforcement Memorial wall here in DC.

I got my pictures back from that week. Enjoy.

Here is the Massachusetts State Police band.

Next is an old squad car. Its hood is up, the universal sign of trouble on the highway. Somebody call a trooper.
Here's another old police car. When I started work for the state patrol, we had two dome lights on top, one blue and one red. That was quite an advancement from the single flashing light on top. You didn't turn them on, you activated them. By the time I left to go to law school, we had a bar of emergency equipment across the top. Progress.

The National Police Week in DC was international. Here are some London bobbies attending the tribute to fallen officers at the the memorial. Do you know why they're called bobbies? I do. Because Sir Robert Peel was responsible for putting the first policemen on the beat in London. Don't know who Robert Peel was? I can't do everything for you. Google him. Or as Stephen Colbert would say, check his wikiality.

Lastly, here's another old squad car. Doesn't it look fast? When I started with State Patrol, we had standard old Chrysler six-cylinders. Man were they powerful. They could get up to speed real fast and go 140 MPH.

Myself, I didn't like going over 90 MPH, and the once or twice I actually went 130 MPH, when there was no traffic and I thought an officer might be in trouble, terrified me. Grimly I went, hands compressing the steering wheel. But you gotta get there. Any trooper would have done the same for me.


David said...

Oooh ooh! Was that Car 54?

Rainmaker said...

Damn..130MPH. That would scare the crap out of me. I think the fastest I've gone is upwards of 105ish...

Petraruns said...

Cool! And I never did know why Bobbies are called Bobbies so this helps - a bit..

As for 130 mph - you're a brave man.

Anonymous said...

very nice memorial post...thanks for sharing it :)

Great pictures, too.

Sunshine said...

Appreciated your pictures.. and I love the sound bagpipes ... and I would definitely call a state trooper.
You have good and interesting memories!!

DawnB said...

That is a nice memorial Peter, I have so much to be thankful for, after 20yrs, my eyes still don't competely shut until I hear the door open every night.

Jade Lady said...

Beautiful memorial - one that I never had the opportunity to visit when in DC. Thanks for the link.

So, what made you want to become a state trooper back in the day?