Sunday, December 7, 2008

The worst birthday is...

It was just an off-hand remark. I said to an office mate, "My birthday is the worst of the year."

She knew my birthdate. She let me have it, deservedly so, I guess.

You see, my birthday is April 15th. Any American knows that that's income tax day. Who could celebrate such a day?

My work compatriot let me know that the real worst day of the year to have a birthday now is September 11th.

Okay. That's a recent occurrence. Any American knows exactly where they were on September 11th, 2001, when radical Islam attacked America, in the name of God I guess. I am still waiting to see if there is anything other than radical Islam.

By my office mate's logic though, December 7th is a terrible day to have a birthday, too. Do you know why? If you don't, you need to be on the Internet less and to read more.

Today is Pearl Harbor day, when the Japanese attacked the unprepared American fleet in Hawaii and scored a significant tactical victory by, in effect, sinking our entire Pacific battleship fleet. But they suffered a devastating strategic loss that day because they awakened a sleeping juggernaut, and also missed all of our carriers. On that Sunday in 1941 they won World War I but lost World War II, for Germany too. They refought the last war.

Is any of this familiar?

Did you know that today is or was a special day for America?

I still think that that having a birthday on April 15th sucks.


Susan said...

OK I admit, I had to look up December 7th... good point...

Well, Mr. April 15th, my child's initials are going to be I.R.S.!

Susan said...

My due date is February 23rd - a mere 78 days away. Yikes!

Petraruns said...

These are all significant days and even taxes pale into less significance when compared to September 11th.

I have to make the point however that there is definitely Islam that is not radical. In fact, most muslims in the world are not radical muslims. I grew up in a muslim country and never encountered any of the fanaticism or hatred displayed by those who support the fanatical mullahs. In fact, I never encountered any discrimination until I came back to (liberal?) Holland and was bullied mercilessly, together with my little brother, for being "different" - speaking English as well as Dutch and wearing "weird" clothes. It's a painful way to learn perspective on these things but intolerance, unfortunately, is not restricted to one distinct group.

Don said...

Don't you wonder what might have been if the Japanese had NOT bombed Pearl Harbor? Would the USA ever have entered the war? There were plenty of anti-war voices then too, but Pearl Harbor pushed us off the fence.

What would the world look like now if we had sat and watched?

lacochran said...

I agree with Petraruns. The muslims I have encountered have been wonderful, peace-loving people.

Malnurtured Snay said...

"On that Sunday in 1941 they won World War I but lost World War II, for Germany too. They refought the last war."

I gotta admit, you lost me on this. Japan was our ally in WWI.

DC Discombobulated said...

My B-day is 11 September. Shame on those who do not know 7 December. I weep for the future given the state of the US educational system.


Rainmaker said...

Yeah, Tax day is pretty tough. Funny though, I just got a note today in my mailbox from my CPA about tax day.

ShirleyPerly said...

I know some people hate having a birthday on 12/25 because it's overshadowed by Xmas. So perhaps just having a birthday coincide with a day that is marked by something else (positive or negative) is not good.

With the age-up rule for tris, I'm a year older every year on 1/1 so now I get two birthdays :-)

jeanne said...

I'm guessing that people who don't know the meaning of dec. 7 will learn it ... where? ON THE INTERNETS!

dec. 25--very bad day too.

Every birthday you have, no matter when, consider yourself lucky.