Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Tidal Basin 3K."

First mile:

[Heavy footfalls.]



"The race director said you're the volunteer coordinator for Saturday's National Marathon?"


What's your name?"


"I'm Peter. You must have a lot to do, with the race being in three days."

"The secret is to get other people to do the work."

"You done a 3K before?"

"No. I've been training to do a marathon, and everyone is going so fast in this race."

"It's a fast race alright. Good luck to you. I'll see you at the finish."

"Good luck to you too."

Second mile:

[Steady footfalls.]

"Hey again."

"Hi Peter. Finish just up ahead?"

"Yes, about a quarter mile. Your endurance training is showing. I thought I left you behind, but I heard you come up on me nice and steady this last straightaway. You're looking good."

"I got my wind."

"I've lost mine. There's two women further up ahead, but they're way up there. Good luck."

[More footfalls.]

"Well hello again. I thought you said you lost your wind, Peter."

"Gotta try. You're about my age. You can do it, I can do it."

"All right then. Good luck to you."

[Footfalls again.]

"Hey again. No good, I'm all done."

"You're doing fine, Peter. Just bring it in. "

Finish area:

"Congratulations, Gail. I did a 13:55. Thanks for pulling me in. How'd you do?"

"I was just ahead of you. About four seconds, I guess. Third woman."

"This is a humbling race. 7:28 pace, and 32nd out of 38 men. Now it's two and a half miles back to work. See ya."



Rhea said...

You can talk in complete sentences while racing a 3K all out?! :-)

Sunshine said...

Cute conversation!
I admire how you can remember all that after a run or race is over.

Kelly said...

Good job with the race. That length is totally meant for me... but not your speed!

jeanne said...

what rhea said!

peter said...

So what you 'n Bex are saying is that if I could talk, I wasn't running fast enough? No wonder Gail beat me. This was a literary exercise, a story of disappointment built upon dialogue. I stepped up to the challenge near the end and passed back this woman who was my age, but couldn't maintain it.

ShirleyPerly said...

I too am amazed you can talk so much in a 3K race!