Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Dark Passage to Light

He plunged into the dark, cold water and drifted easily downward while he considered the situation. He was in a canal filled with water that was over his head and he must be near the bottom now.

His lower hand reached out and touched the mud at the bottom. It was time to go to the surface now but he didn't want to suddenly thrust up in the water and get his feet mired in the muck.

He rolled over and tried to orientate himself so that he could propel himself upwards without having to kick out behind him. Although he was relaxed, it was definitely time to get to the surface.

But the coldness of the water and the slow turning of his body had disoriented him and he was suddenly acutely aware that he had only a single breath of air. An urgent note of finality characterized his actions.

He felt that he had only one chance to attain the surface now. He hoped that he was pointed upwards because he didn't want to dive headfirst into the bottom mud and have to wrestle around down there getting reoriented while his single breath waned.

He pushed off and his eyes opened to light and he sucked in a breath. The dim luminescence of dawn was filling his bedroom.

He lay under the sheet considering. He'd been dreaming, and perhaps a little bit of acute sleep apnea was involved.

His dream sequence was eerily similar to being trapped under the boat in the rapids last month. He remembered that when he'd described his near-death experience then to his sister afterwards, she'd used the word reborn to characterize his escape.

He thought about the dark, lonely place under the boat, with nothing but fluid surrounding him in his confined space. Then he had pushed off downwards to launch his journey into the unknown, which he feared might lead to him being pinned by the current against the rock that the capsized raft was wrapped around.

But there had been no other choice then because it was time to leave, and he had traveled under the stern of the boat and come out into light and air, before being plunged down the rapids in a wild ride where he had to fight for his life. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.


Sunshine said...

A tramatic lung biopsy left me having nightmares for a long time.
My mind kept revisiting the horror. Stuff like that takes time, I think.
Also, when one is ready, I think now there are ways to teach the mind to have peace... maybe.
Best wishes. Celebrating that you made it safely through the terrifying shadow.

David said...

As they say, "that's gonna leave a mark."

Just_because_today said...

an experience that may bring new horizons depending on the eyes that looked at it.
Embrace the changes. Enjoy the life you were blessed with

DawnB said...

Hi Peter how are you sorry I missed this post. Hope all is well.

Black Knight said...

We miss your posts, please come back!

Dori said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. What happened that you're not running? Are you injured?

kayan Association said...

Thanks ..your topic beautiful ..... Good luck