Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Danny

My youngest and most easily manipulated child, Danny was in my opinion turned against me during the divorce by his Mother with the active assistance of the charlatan court-appointed psychologist, who rewarded him with an X-Box for his cooperation, and several other paid-gun agenda-driven social service "professionals." These adults in my opinion whipsawed this tender lad emotionally to the point where he expressed some violent ideation.

Do you think domestic law in America is broken?

The last time any of my sons communicated with me was in 2007 when Danny sent me a letter asking me to provide for payment of 100% of his college tuition and fees, which I am doing. None of my sons has communicated with a single family member on my side in over seven years, a hallmark of PAS.

When Danny passed into maturity upon his birthday last month, I posted the following fare-thee-well to him on FB after he had ignored my friend request to him for over a year and left unanswered the personal message I sent to him on that medium. His Mother, a first-grade school teacher, refuses to give me the address of any of my three children.

My youngest child Danny, now a man, was a special boy. Neither the fastest nor the most athletic on the field, he had a unique ability in sports. At fullback during one football game he twice broke through the line and ran for TDs on long runs, displaying nice juking moves and a good sense of angling to the corner of the end zone to outrun faster pursuers. But his best play came at the end of the game when, as the outside linebacker on the weak side, he came all the way across the field to the strong side and knocked the opposing ball carrier out of bounds at the two-yard line to preserve a 13-7 lead. What a team player. Happy Birthday Danny, have a good and prosperous life and I was blessed to know you as a child.

Love Dad. [I am sorry for what those "professionals" do to children and that I was unable to protect any of you from it. I love you JJ&D.]

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Just_because_today said...

Dear Peter:

How I wish your kids could turn around and go back to their dad.